What Lies Ahead?

What lies ahead?

When we are driving in our car, it is usually easy to see what’s ahead. On our daily commute, when we are on the motorway, the main road or at the roundabout using our trusted route.

The one we always use.

The one we know.

We are able to look and see what obstacles need to be negotiated. Using our knowledge and previous experience it can become easier and easier, even a little mundane.

But what about when we can’t see around the corner?

When the road ahead is unknown, difficult to see and our actions begin to feel a little unsure. Having lived for a number of years in a small Cornish town I know what a narrow twisting road is like to drive on. Being unable to see the tight-turning road very far ahead, with hedges creating one blind corner after another, even during the day in good weather.

So what do we do?

Prudence dictates we reassess the situation. Give our selves a little more time and make the necessary changes. To help us make the best decisions and thereby enabling us to move forward, more at ease, more in control and more safely.


The funny thing, to do this we do not have to slam on the brakes. Just ease off the accelerator a little, maybe change gear to exercise some caution and give ourselves those extra few seconds to think, process and utilise the new information we have just received. It can be easy to panic and with a knee jerk reaction end up putting ourselves in the hedge!

During the current lockdown, it doesn’t matter how the tempo of life has changed. What is important is how we look at the new road ahead and assess the change of information we are receiving to help us make the right decisions in how best to move forward. Whilst we cannot see what is around the next corner, we can be better prepared by our actions, rather than waiting for a panic driven reaction. Making sure we are in the right gear, staying focussed on the road we can see and being ready to step on the accelerator as soon as we see the road ahead is clear. Then we can continue safely on the journey to our next intended destination.

Stay safe and peace always,